31st Jan 2024

Rationale: Creative Health is an innovative approach that acknowledges the positive impact of creativity, culture, and heritage on health and wellbeing. Activities encompass a diverse range, including crafts, music, dance, film, literature, visual and digital arts, and theatre, as well as natural-built or intangible heritage. This approach is grounded in the growing evidence supporting the beneficial effects of arts and creativity in managing health, enhancing wellbeing, and addressing health inequalities. Additionally, it helps alleviate pressures on health systems. Creative Health strategies have proven effective in various settings such as hospitals, palliative units, mental health programmes, and community-focused interventions. These approaches transcend the challenges of traditional treatment, addressing issues such as language barriers, social inequalities, and access to affordable care. However, for an effective integration of creative health into health systems, we need further research. This presentation highlights Creative Health initiatives in Portugal and Spain, where a multitude of programs are already underway. However, these initiatives frequently function in isolation, underscoring the need for a more cohesive and integrated approach.
Aim: To gather information on institutions, associations, and groups in Portugal and Spain that employ Creative Health principles to enhance the health and wellbeing of communities.
Methodology: We conducted an online search to identify Creative Health entities engaged with communities in Portugal and Spain. We compiled results from peer-reviewed papers to grey literature and informal reports. Subsequently, we distributed an online survey to map the characteristics of the relevant entities and assess the degree of integration with local health systems.
Summary: While there is evidence of a broad array of successful Creative Health initiatives in Portugal and Spain, further research is essential to fully map their spec

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