17th Jan 2024

Introduction: 5-years personal qualitative research project Mira Active System. Engineer facing need to improve my vision refraction problems, health, and quality of life. Aim to understand the influence of vision’s habits.
Method: Engineering project, interdisciplinary, dealing with mechanism of vision, optics, and connection with body systems and health association. Working with optical models of ocular globe and anatomic models of the body.
Project relationship: habits with near vision, stressful cerebral activity, and direct sunlight through vision efforts and time are accumulating body stress and interfering with body systems.
Monitoring of my physical activity 2-year period, walking outdoors every day with an ‘active system vision’, accessing through vision to the active system of ANS, releasing body stress and balancing body systems. Measuring activity (20.937.955 steps) and making notes of stresses perceived.
Results: Monitoring result matches perfectly with my improvements in vision, health, and well-being. Recommending this practice to start to correct and improve our health situation and monitoring to keep track of improvements.
Helping to explain how sedentary behaviour indoors through a ‘passive system vision’ is damaging health with risk and diseases. On the other hand, how with physical activity outdoors with an ‘active system vision’ we can revert situation obtaining benefits in health and disease prevention.
Access to active system through vision allows to start to improve the quality of rest and sleep, improving night recovery of mind and body.
Conclusion: Following initiative, improvement in management of habits and light, improving ANS and body systems, accumulated body stress, mental stressful cerebral activity, weight management, and rest and sleep. To start to achieve all the health benefits.
Regarding people less active, with chronic conditions and mental health this initiative will start to fill in the gaps and make the difference.

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