20th May 2023

Humans went through three important leaps until they became an intelligent living thing. These leaps are respectively;
1: Bipedal leap,
2: Cognitive flip leap,
3:Cognitive threshold leap.
1: Bipedal leap: 6-7 million years ago, changing living conditions (Habitat) forced this creature to walk on two legs in shallow waters or marshes and swamps. This is walking on two legs, which initiated radical changes in the skeletal structure of this creature, as required by the laws of physics. The most effective of these changes is forcing this creature to have a vertical body. Australopithecus.
2: Cognitive flip leap: Two million years ago, when the vertical angle of the trunk reached a certain level, the embryo-fetus in the womb turned 180 degrees, did a somersault and turned its head to the mother’s diaphragm. All this happens in accordance with the laws of physics. It is this mind flip that triggered and initiated the growth of the skull, and therefore the brain. Homo habilis.
3: Cognitive threshold leap: When the brain growth reached a certain level (650-700 cc), he was able to reason to use stick and stone as a defensive and offensive weapon, and this accelerated the transition and transformation to Homo sapiense. Homo erectus.
He later developed fire management, use and language, because he now had the brain capacity to do all these things.

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