SSHB Annual Research Meeting 2016

descriptive-researchWe are excited to announce the SSHB Annual Research Meeting 2016. This is your chance to proffer your papers, present your posters and regale colleagues with your latest research. The meeting provides the opportunity to present research on any topic related to Human Biology. The day consists of a number of oral presentations, poster presentations and an invited speaker.

Students are particularly encouraged to present their research and student prizes are awarded for the best oral presentation and best poster. SSHB pays for student travel to attend within the United Kingdom.

When: Wednesday 5 October, 2016

Where: Oxford Brookes University, John Henry Brookes Building on the Gipsy lane Site, room 202, detailed university map here. (There are nearby bus stops for Buses to and from London, Oxford Town and park and ride.)

Who: Researchers and students at all levels involved in human biology and related research fields (including, but not limited to: anthropology; archaeology; forensics; geography; medicine; sociology; physiology).

Why attend?

  • Opportunity to stay up to date with the field of human biology in the UK
  • Network with other human biologists
  • Learn more about your broader discipline
  • Showcase your research (and WIN prizes for doing so!)
  • As a smaller meeting this is a very friendly environment which students and early career researchers in particular may appreciate.
  • Great opportunity to find out more about SSHB’s journal, Annals of Human Biology – talk to the editors, get writing tips and find out what they’re looking for.
  • It’s loads of FUN.

Sounds awesome! How do I join? What about abstracts?

You are very welcome to attend regardless of whether you are presenting a paper or poster.

If you have any questions, please email to Helen Liversidge, SSHB Programme Secretary: adding “SSHB Annual Research Meeting” in the subject line.


10.15 Coffee

10.30 “A study of tooth eruption and root growth”. Helen Liversidge, Queen Mary University of London.

10.50 “Cranial Morphology and Environmental Adaptation:  a Geometric Morphometric approach”. Sophie Edwards, Oxford Brookes University.

11.20 “Growth status of Maya children in two municipalities of Yucatan, Mexico”. Samantha Sánchez, Federico Dickinson, Ines Varela-Silva, Loughborough University.

11.30-12.15  “Forensic aspects of violent crime – a brief history.“ Katherine Watson, Oxford Brookes University.

12.15-12.30       Tour of Bioimaging laboratory facilities

watson_k_p00734112016 keynote speaker :

Dr. Cassie Watson

“Forensic aspects of violent crime – a brief history”